Sunday, 6 October 2013

Grunberg. A new Lasalle Project

Whereas Napoleon was in Duben (see here) trying to avoid the reunion of the armies of Bernadotte and Bluecher after this last forced the crossing of the Elbe at Wartenburg (see here) , the Schwarzenberg’s Army of Bohemia was slowly and ponderously advancing from the South towards the Allied rendez-vous in Leipzig.
The Prince Murat, left in the zone commanding several French Army Corps, made some local counter-attacks trying to impede or delay the Allied advance. Thus, at October 6, Victor’s II Corps along the Latour-Mauburg’s I and Pajol’s V Cavalry Corps, attacked Gyulai’s advance-guard near Floha, in the area between the Zschopau and Floha streams, taking by surprise the Austrian Murray’s division, that retired towards its main body.
However, this French success was short-lived and finally the Russo-Austrian forces close on Murat at Lieberwolkwitz (see here), a combat fought the day before the battle of Leipzig.
The main source for this combat was the Nafziger's Leipzig book based on the Austrian Krieg Archives, not available in internet, in combination with other downloaded sources that confirmed the Nafziger's narrative (See the list of references at the end of the post). The OOB's were found in Nafziger marvelous list.

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  1. Looking forward to this next 'edition' of your marvellous re-fights of the battles of the 1813 campaign, Rafa.