Monday, 4 November 2013

Grunberg for Lasalle. The deployment

The Schwarzenberg’s Army of Bohemia is cautiously advancing towards the Allied rendez-vous in Leipzig and the Murray's division, forming the Allied advance-guard has taken the bridge over the Floha and has dispersed in the area, while waiting for the arrival of reinforcements of the Crenneville's and Hesse-Homburg's divisions.
The French, under the Maréchal Victor, are trying to delay the Allied advance and have planned a frontal attack against the isolated Austrian unit (left in the far bank of the stream) that will be carried out by the Vial's division and the 1st Light Cavalry Division, in combination with a flank attack with the Dufour's division and the Pajol's V Cavalry Corps.

The Murray's division dispersed through the area
Idem showing the rear units
The French are approaching the bridge with the Hussar brigade ready to enter the wooded area
The French advance-guard immediately engages the lone Austrian battalion (Turn 1)
Blue and Grey zones show, respectively, the Arrival Zones for French and Austrian Reinforcements

Watch this space!

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