Saturday, 9 November 2013

Grunberg for Lasalle(I)

The combat is raging between the French advance guard, 2/11e Legere, and the 1/Wurzburg IR, detached in the northern bank of the Ploha (see previous post)

The 2/11e Legere charges the retiring 1/Wurzburg IR but it s rejected
The full 11/e Legere charges and routs the Austrians that fall back
The French voltigeurs pursue the Austrians, firing over them with great success!
The rest of the Austrian Lamezan-Salins's brgae charges front awaiting their comrades
But the French fire is well aimed today....
... and, at last, the Austrians are broken, despite being a 'large' Lasalle unit...
...and the French Legere are left undisturbed to negotiate the wood, while the Austrians are having other troubles...

Meanwhile, other interesting thing were taking place in the battle field....Watch this space!