Monday, 11 November 2013

Grunberg for Lasalle (II) (or 'The unfortunate brigade')

One of the more exciting aspects of solo wargaming, is the chance that near-impossible things occur. These things, collectively known as friction or fog-of-war, happen due to different causes, such as bad reconnaissance, poor staff work, bad weather or simply bad luck.
Such thing occurred during the play of the Grunberg Lasalle Scenario, when two detached French brigades (Bronikowski's 2nd infantry Brigade of the Vial's 6th Division and the Picquet's 3rd Light Cavalry Brigade) appeared by surprise in the right rear flank of the Austrian line. What at first seemed an intelligent and skilled tactical move, became a mousetrap when one strong Austrian Brigade materialized itself in the rear of the French newcomers!
You can watch below the course of the events.

The detached French units appear in the Austrian rear...
... and immediately advances against the Austrian that have changed front...
... and fire with some success against the newcomers.
The 2/Erzherzog Ludwig IR routs the combined attack of the 2nd Ligne Regiment...
...but the Austrians appear now in the French rearguard that are forced to change front themselves.
The 2/Erzherzog Luwdig IR attacks and breaks the 1/2nd Ligne Regiment
... and afterwards rejects the flank attack of the 2/2nd Ligne Regiment...
... and then advances in combination with the Rosenberg Chevaulegers, breaking the 2/18th Ligne Regiment...
... whereas the 1/18th Ligne, taken in the wrong formation, is also broken by the 1/Warasdiner Kreuzer Grenz Regiment, which afterwards took the unprotected French battery.
The lone 2/2nd Ligne Regiment is broken by the fierce attack of the 2/Erzherzog Ludwig IR.
The full area is now in Austrian hands, and the French have lose a full infantry brigade
And so, with the total destruction of a French infantry brigade (the wise French cavalry commander led his brigade to safety) ended the fighting in this area.
As the rest .... watch this space!

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  1. Wow! Yes, that's the "stuff that (solo wargames) dreams are made off". It is the kind of thing that makes solo gaming fun, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful pictures, the batlefield is really great!