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Bunzlau. The strategic situation and the forces

The combat of Bunzlau (present day Bolesławiec in Poland) was a skirmish rearguard action centered around a bridge (actually two successive bridges) over the Bober.
The small French rearguard guarding the bridge and its approachs, was easily overcome by a stronger Prussian advance-guard, that crossed the river in its pursuit. The conflict escalated after both C-i-C fed more and more units in the fight. At last, the French retreated and the Allied won another crossing (although damaged) site to pursuit their defeated enemies.

General Joseph Souham

French forces
Army Morale: 35; Morale break point: 12
14 Battalions/2 Regiments/3 Batteries

C-i-C Souham (-/¶)
III Corps Souham (-/¶)

11th Division Ricard (+1/*)
1st Brigade Valory (+1/¶)
  1/9e Légère Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/17e Provisoire Regiment R/A/SK1
  3/50e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  4/65e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Dumoulin (+1/*)
  1/142e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/142e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  3/142e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/144e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/144e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
  3/144e Ligne Regiment R/A/SK1
19/7e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
5/9e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

23rd Light Cavalry Brigade Beurmann (-1/*)
10e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
Baden Dragoon Regiment R/A/Pu

8th Division Brayer (-1/*)
1st Brigade Fournier (+1/-)
  6e Provisoire (Legere) Regiment R/A/SK1
  10e Provisoire (Legere) Regiment R/A/SK1
  14th Regiment Provisoire R/A/SK1
  19th Regiment Provisoire R/A/SK1
10/2e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

Geeneral Heinrich Wilhelm von Horn

Allied forces
Army Morale: 45 **; Morale break point: 15
17 Battalions/2 Regiments/3 batteries/4 Cossacks

C-i-C Horn (-/¶)
7th Brigade Horn (-/¶)

Flank Guard von Katzeler (-/-)
  Brandenburg Uhlan Regiment R/E/Pu/Ln
  E. Prussian National Cavalry Regiment S/A
  Horse Battery #2 Horse 3Guns/M/1Hw
  Russian 12pdr Battery Foot 4Guns/Hvy/1Hw
  Russian Brigade Kollogribov (-1/-)
    1/49th Jaeger R/E/SK2
    2/49th Jaeger R/E/SK2
    1/50th Jaeger R/E/SK2

Main body
 First Line Von Zeppelin (-1/*)
  Fus/Leib Regiment R/E/SK2
  3/15th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  1/2 Guard Jaeger V/E/SK3

Second line von Weltzien (+1/*)
  1/Leib Regiment R/E/SK2
  2/Leib Regiment R/E/SK2
  1/4th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  3/4th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  4/4th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  1/15th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  2/15th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  4/15th Silesian Landwehr U/A/SK1
  6pdr Battery #3 Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

16th Division Uschakov (-/¶)
  Ochotsk IR R/E/SK1
  Kamchatka IR R/E/SK1
Cossacks Karpov II (-1/-)
  Karpov #2 Cossack R S/I/Pu
  Loukoffkin Cossack R S/I/Pu
  Tcharnusubov #3 Cossack R S/I/Pu
  Kutainikov #4 Cossack R S/I/Pu

** Cossack units are worth 1 point each (Home rule)

Next, the map and the Scenario rules!

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