Sunday, 15 December 2013

Scenery time. A watermill for Bunzlau (I)

While making the research (grandiloquent term for a rapid reading of some old Google books) for Bunzlau, I noted in the narratives of the combat the important role played by a small wood bridge 'dominated by a watermill' and connecting the right bank to an island. Afterwards, when searching for an old map of the area, I arrived to this Polish Map Repository site from which I downloaded the below map of the Bunzlau/Bolesławiec area in 1943.

By zooming in the area of interest, the features of the 1813 battle field become apparent. Below you can see the island between the main branch of the Bober River and the millrace, labeled  Mühl. Gr. i.e. Mühlgraben, on the map.

Immediately, the wargamer in me had the old feeling: 'I must to build a watermill', so I started a frenetic google search by using the terms "watermill" and "wassermühle". You can see below some of my findings, including both real and model items:
The last one, depicting a real water mill located in Rheda (Germany) was my final inspiration

To be continued!

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  1. There is a similar card model by Schriber in 1:87

  2. Yes. it is a very nice watermill model!

  3. Fascinating! Thanks for the post. I'm tempted to have a go at making one of these myself, as they look great and you need lots of windmills for German campaigns, but the wheel puts me off!

  4. Chasseur. I had the same problem with wheel. At last I made the mine from cardboard and matchsticks. After painting, it looks as a wooden structure!