Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Painting time. East-Prussia National Cavalry Regiment (II)

As in the case of the Brandenburg Uhlans, there are not 1/72 HO scale plastic figures for the East Prussian National Cavalry Regiment (EPNCR). The main feature of the uniform is the hussar-style braided litewka, so hussar figures without the flying pelisse, are a good initial option. The mandatory visit to the Plastic Soldier Review page, led to me to the Italeri 6008 French Hussars, with have some figures wearing the pelisse.

Original pictures from The Plastic Soldier Review page
The above pictures show the chosen figures as well as the neccesary surgery: the elimination of sword or carbine and a good haircut! The sabre of one of the shouldered-sabre figures was also eliminated, to build a figure carrying the lance on the right stirrup and secured to the right arm of the rider, while another was left 'as it is' to make for the lanceless Freiwilliger detachment. The trumpet and the figure with the wavering sabre (commanding officer) were also used without modifications.
The tails of the litewka were modeled with plasticine, that was also used for the shako cover, the kolpack of the elites and the horse bags, as shown in the following picture.

Next thing: the painting and basing!


  1. Interesting - how do you get the plasticine to go hard?

    1. The plasticine goes hard with time. It can be cured with organic chemicals but I don't never try it! I

  2. Nice conversions to do...and happy new year Rafa!

  3. Nice detail work, Rafa. I see you're enjoying the hobby early in the new year. Dean

  4. Great to see others ideas, thanks Rafa

    In the past I used Banana Oil to harden plasticine, but it stinks for a week or more afterwards. Now I think I'd try Green Stuff (Kneadite)

    Happy new year

  5. I used to use plasticine on my plastic conversions. I used a nail polish hardener. If I was doing the conversions these days I would try PVA glue. On some recent 15mm patch ups I've used artist's paste and been happy with that for restoring missing reins and horses' noses.

    All the best with this conversion Rafael and good gaming/modelling for 2014.

  6. Great to see you've started the New year off with a 'bang'! Look forward to seeing how your conversions go. I've found hard plastic the easiest to work but softer compounds used in 1/72 figures (you have to wonder why - hard plastic is not that much more expensive) can be tricky. The easiest method I've used is plasticine with a PVA glue coating to harden and seal before painting. A few coats of watered down PVA makes them pretty resilient once dry. After painting I give them a sealing coat of matt varnish to finish - even bendy thin bits like lances and swords are less likely to chip.

    Felice Navidad & all the best for the New Year Rafa!