Friday, 3 January 2014

Painting time. East-Prussia National Cavalry Regiment (and III)

The painting of the East Prussian (later renamed Prussian) Mational Cavalry Regiment is finished. You can see below some pictures of the unit.

Post Scriptum
While searching for information, I found the Peter Schuchhardt's Compagnie d'Elite web site, where he sells very detailed Napoleonic uniform plates (printed or pdf). The plate (tafel) No. 21 corresponds to the EPNCR and is accompanied by a summary (in english) with details of the history of the unit. You can see below a reduced version of the pdf, and there are other 59 plates so a visit is worthwhile!

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  1. They look good and full of character - may they fight well for you.

  2. You've done a great job there Rafa - I look forward to seeing them in action!

  3. Dear Rafa,

    a great painting job of this unit!!