Sunday, 20 April 2014

The fight at Bunzlau is over

While the French and Baden cavalry was stopping the Russian infantry in the central ford, the Prussian horse artillery was keeping a duel with the French foot artillery at the southern ford, which ended with the dismounting of the latter.

The 5/9e Foot Artillery is broken by the explosion of a caisson
and 1 hour later, the 10/2e Foot Artillery suffers the same fate!
Meanwhile, the infantry of the Prussian advance guard is making a last effort at the bridge sector, after a brief and ineffectual artillery support.
The 4/65e routs the 2/Leib Regiment that falls back...
... but the Prussian infantry charges one more time, only to be routed again (a tie so the defender wins)...
.. leaving the 4/65e Ligne almost broken (only one morale point left) but triomphant
This is too much for the Allies, and the French retire almost unmolested, covered by their light cavalry!
French: 1/9e Legere; 3/50 Legere; 19/7e Foot artillery (5 points plus 17 points of losses currently on the table)
Allies: 1/49th and 2/49th Russian Jaegers; Kamchatka IR; Fusiliers/Leib IR (8 points plus 8 points of losses currently on the table)
The final result can be considered a draw: The French have less losses but the Prussian are the masters of the battlefield and the bridge over the Bober is intact.
This is a good result for the French after their rout at the Katzbach!

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  1. What a beautifl battlefield!

  2. A fitting end to an engrossing game Rafa. Taking a river crossing was a tough task for the allies.
    No doubt you are already planning your next 1813 project. What will that be?!

  3. It was a good wargaming problema!
    The next thing will be another rearguard action, some days after Bunzlau but with the roles reversed