Saturday, 19 April 2014

The fight at the ford

Whereas the Prussian advance guard was trying to take the bridge over the Bober to catch the French rearguard, another Russian column has probed for and found a ford downstream.

The Prussian Jaegers have found the ford...
... and immediately cross the Bober, screenig the Russians Jaegers
The Baden Dragoons charge the Russians (the Jaegers have recrossed) but are unable to break the unformed infantrymen...
Afterwards, the Russians cross again in forcé (under the cover of the nearby Russian artillery)...
The full 23rd Light Cavalry Brigade charges again: the 10e Hussasrs are rejected...
... but the Baden Dragoons break the other Russian square
The French-Baden cavalry is master of the area, while the Russian square remains isolated in the wrong bank of the Bober

The time is passing by and the Allied are not being able to cut through the French rearguard.
The end is near!


  1. Exciting!

    I pity the poor Russian square; next trun the artillery will blast it to pieces! Unless the Allies get a miracle, I think the French have this game.

  2. Well, it seems that even finding a ford hasn't done the trick - better luck next time for the Allies!