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Another 'Probing patrol' SDS Scenario

The series of skirimish games French vs. Russians in the Campaign of Nations is drawn (3-3), and Murdock ruled that this humble wargamer would play a tie-break to decide the winner side. I decided to play again the 'Probing Patrols' Scenario with exchanged roles. See below the changes to the Scenario:

The Probing Patrol (September, 1813)

istorical background
Somewhere in Saxony, the French and Russian light cavalry units are scouting the terrain between both armies, trying to gather information about the whereabouts and composition of the enemy.
The French General Fournier has sent a patrol formed by hussars of several regiments (1e., 3e. and 5e. Hussards) * under the Lieutenant Lasserre from the 5e. Hussards to scout towards Lubben in search of information about the identity and numbers of the Allied forces facing him. Near the main road, there is a little inn at the banks of a stream spanned by a plank bridge. The inn and the near cabin log, seems occupied by a patrol of the Soumy Hussars Regiment*, under the Lieutenant Novikov.
This is a Scenario for Song of Drums and Shakos from Ganesha Games
* This skirmish game was played in the context of the Murdorck’s Campaign of Nations The “real units” involved were the Russian Alexandria Hussars and the Italian 2nd Principe Real Reggimento de Cacciatori a Cavallo

Terrain (same as the first game)

The stream and drainage ditch are broken terrain, fordable for mounted men. Wooded areas, out of the roads, are also broken terrain.

Engaged Forces
French (1e., 3e. and 5e. Hussards).1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Trumpeter, 10 Privates. 13 men 620 points

Russians (Soumy Hussars).1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Trumpeter, 4 lance-armed and 5 carbine-armed Privates. 12 men 604 points

French. Must deploy at the East (right) side of the game-table behind the line of Woods.

Russians. Roll 1D4 for the number of vedettes deployed and covering the approaches. The lieutenant, the trumpeter and 1D4 are dismounted near the house. The NCO and 1D6 are dismounted near the cabin. The remaining men (if any) are behind the cabin and house. Only the sentinels are mounted.

Victory conditions
Both sides have the same objective: to deny the enemy any information, so the winner will be the side remaining on the battlefield. No Morale checks are allowed.

The Russians lie nonchalantly at rest in the inn and cabin area
The French flanking party overwhelms the lone Russian sentinel and the sergeant Pinaud kills him
A general melee follows, with the Sergeant Pinaud finishing the Russian sergeant!
The heroic French NCO is the lone survivor of his patrol and retires while fighting
In the main bridge, there is another combat, with both sides exchanging carbine fire ...
... and the French become victorius in this area and cross the bridge at run
The French and Russian remining men fight in the central área, between the two bridges...
... until a French private wounds the lieutenant Novikov... GAME OVER!
The skirmish resulted in two differente combats, one in each bridge, with both sides reaching a partial victory. In the final clash, the French become victorious and won the game, so the final score of the Murcdock tournament is French 4-Russians 3.

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  1. A fittingly close tussle for the decider!
    Thanks for being part of this and especially for getting the 'right' result!!

  2. Nice little skirmish! It's good and fun to have these little actions that have some impact on the larger battles. Not only do they make for fun games in themselves, having them linked to the larger actions adds interest and realism to the whole affair.