Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Breaking news. Skirmish at Dubben

A bloody skirmish took place this morning on the outskirts of the village of Herrnhut near Dubben. A patrol from the Soumy Hussars, under the command of lieutenant Novikov, surprised and completely routed a French patrol, formed by men of several hussar regiments, under the lieutenant Lasserre (from 5e. Hussards). Both squads were scouting in front of their respective armies, seeking for information.
According to local sources, the French were ravaging the farm of the local lutheran pastor, protected by a weak sentinel line posted in a near stream. The Russians approached under the cover of the wood and took the unprepared French by surprise, overwhelming the sentinels and crossing the stream. After sounding the alarm, the French tried to stop the Russians, but the superior fencing ability and weaponry of these lasts, tipped the scales in their favor.
Special mention must be given to the fact that some Russians hussars were armed with lances, and precisely the private Smolensk was who used his lance to seriously injure the Lieutenant Lasserre, ending the fight.

The French hussars nonchlantly at rest in the farm and cabin
The Russians cross the stream attacking the lone sentinel over the small bridge
The French trumpeter is attacked by two Russians at the large bridge
A lone lance-armed Russian hussars fighting against three enemies
The private Smolensk using his lance to wound the lieutenant Lasserre
The remaining French are taken to captivity
For the peace of mind of the young ladies at Paris and Leipzig, the wound of Lieutenant Lasserre does not seem particularly serious, and the handsome French officer is recovering in Russian hands, waiting for the next prisoner exchange.
For Murdock and friends: Allies 1 - French 0!

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  1. Actually the score is 2-2 as of this match in the current skirmish series for the Campaign of Nations.

    See more details at The Campaign of Nations

  2. Nice skirmish and report! Also, cool that this is part of a larger game/campaign.

  3. A great little skirmish game Rafa. I really like the scenario that you devised. Will you do another one?