Sunday, 17 August 2014

The combat of Pitschenberg (and V)

The Pitschenberg is now in French hands, and the attack continues

The French are attacking along all the Allied line
The combined attack of the 5e Hussards and the 2/152e Ligne Regiment breaks the Fus/1st East Prussia IR...
... whereas, in the centre, the 4/6 Legere IR took in flank the 2/14th Silesian Landwehr IR, breaking it.
The French cavalry is trying to outflank the Allied left flank...
... while all the Allied line is falling back, facing the French in good order...
... and evacuating  Spittel under the cover of the cavalry
A general view of the Allied orderly withdrawal
In terms of Lasalle, the final result was a Drawn Battle after 27 turns.
The Prussians reached their morale break point (losses greater tan one third of their forcé) in the Turn 22, but they passed the mandatory morale tests in the Turns 22, 24 and 26, and they were not broken when the game ended after 3 bonus Turns.
However, the Allied losses reached a total of 23 points (7 battalions, 2 regiments, 2 Cossack sotnias and 3 batteries)  whereas the French had 14 points (6 battalions, 1 regiment and 1 battery). If the French superiority in pursuing cavalry (15 vs. 9 points) is also taken in account, the final result can be more accurately considered a French Victory..
In the real world, the Allies retired in front of the French offensive and the cat-and-mouse game between Napoleon and Bluecher continued.


  1. I'll have to go back and check your earlier posts, Rafa. Sorry to have missed them. This looks like another epic from you!