Saturday, 16 August 2014

The combat of Pitschenberg (IV)

Despite having been rejected in the first instance, the French return to the attack with renewed vigor.

The Prussian line fires on the approaching French
Only to be rejected initially in the left flank: the W. Prussian Dragoons wins over the 5e Hussars that falls back...
...while the E. Prussia Grenadiers, taken in flank, also reject the 9e Hussars
However, atop the hill the Prussian artillery is taken by surprise and crushed...
The french have reached the Summit of the Pitschenberg...
... clearing it form Prussians, when the 3/112e breaks the 2/12th Reserve IR
The 4/6e Légêre charges downhill and breaks the 2/Brandenburg IR, opening a hole in the center of the Prussian line!...
... and the French cavalry threatens to outflank the Allied line by the left
The situation has changed dramatically
To be continued....

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  1. Seems like the tides have been shifting back and forth with one side getting the upper hand for a bit and then the other side having the upper hand. Like a "real" battle. Also, makes for a good narrative, with tension and drama. And, I expect, it also makes for a fun solo game.

  2. A titanic struggle; determined defence, aggressive attack--a most engrossing game is the result!