Thursday, 7 August 2014

The combat of Pitschenberg (I)

The Von Katzeler's Prussian advance-guard is fighting around Breintendorf, buying time for their comrades.

The Italian 4/2e Legere has catched up the Prussian Jagers  against the stream, while retiring form Breintendorf, and has broken them
Their comrades from the 3/2e Italian Legere are surprised in cattack column, and are broken by the Prussian Hussars 
The Italian horse battery is taken on flank by the Brandeburg Uhlans and is also broken
The Italian infantry battalionsform square, to resist the triomphant Prussian cavalry
But the help is coming fast: the French reinforcements arrive in rear of the Prussians
Meanwhile, in the center, the French are approaching the Hiller's command on the Pitschenberg

Von Katzeler is on the verge to be cut from the rest of the Allies.
To be continued!

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  1. A sneaky move by the French - Vive le' emperor!

  2. It looks like it is going to be difficult for the Allies to hold out for the required 24 turns. I'll await further instalments with great interest!
    This is fabulous stuff Rafa, as ever. I'm amazed at your ability to find little-known actions and battles. The supporting documentation on your website is marvellous, as always. Inspiring and hugely interesting. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for yor kind words. Nafziger's books are a gold mine to find small combats, and most of the bibliography is available for fre in Google books!

  4. A really grerat series, Rafa!