Monday, 11 August 2014

The combat of Pistchenberg (II)

After the fall of Breintendorf, the Allies are retiring beyond the stream, towards their main line on the Pitschenberg heights.

The scarce remains of the Von Katzeler's advance guard, cross the stream under the cover of the Cossacks...
... closely pursued by the French light cavalry.
The main Allied is under the French fire, while their right flank cavalry tries to delay the inminent assault.
The Russian Marioupul hussars are broken by the combined attacj of the Italian light cavalry brigade... 
...while the Prussian reinforcements (elelments of the 8th Brigade) have arrived behind the Allied line
With both wings secured, the Allies are waiting for the frontal French assault.

To be continued ...

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  1. Nice looking pics, love the terrain!

  2. The Italians have held on well! Excellent uniforms and morale!

  3. Looks great - love the reinforcement columns moving up!

  4. Allies under plenty of pressure. Will the 'cavalry' be able to stem the Italiano-French advance?!