Saturday, 30 August 2014

Thiessen. The next Lasalle project

Tomado de Napoleon Series
September 3, 1813. Oudinot has been routed at Gross Beeren and has retired his Army of Berlin towards Wittenberg, in the north bank of the Elbe, cautiously pursued by Bernadotte. The advance guard of the Borstell’s 5th Brigade, accompanied by Bulow himself, commander of the Prussian 3rd Corps, is pursuing the rearguard of the Bertrands’s IV Corps that is deployed near Thiessen in the road to Wittenberg.
At 6 a.m., the 5th Brigade along elements of the 6th Brigade and the Dobschutz’s brigade (from the Tauentzien’s IV Corps) started its attack against the Italian and Wurttemberg troops of the Bertrand’s Corps. After a combat of several hours and unsupported by Bernadotte, Bulow decided to break the fight and retired unmolested by Bertrand. The next day, Ney would arrive to take command of the Army of Berlin.
This Lasalle Scenario is based on that combat.
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- G. Fabry ”Étude sur les opérations du maréchal Oudinot, du 15 août au 4 septembre 1813, Gross-Beeren “ Paris, 1910
- Maps GeoGREIF; Napoleon Series 1; Napoleon Series 2


  1. Makes me think of Thiessen polygons. ha ha

  2. Nice looking scenario...and great sources, Nafziger is really good to read!

  3. Yes, Nafziger is really a gold mine of information. The Fabry's books also havve a large amount of information, from a French point of view.