Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thiessen for Lasalle. The map

The general area of the battle was found in the Nafziger's bookNapoleon at Dresden: The Battles of August 1813”. The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1991.
A visit to the GeoGREIF site, a map repository of the German Univesity of Greifswald, and a search for Wittenberg, provided a first 1/100,000 scale map

A search in the MTBL zone of the site, provided a series a of 1/25,000 scale maps, (090733 ;090734; 090743; 100711; 100712; 100721; 100713; 100714 and 100723) that were assembled with Photoshop, to make a map of the north of the Wittenberg área:

Zooming in the above map, the area of interest can be located, and the movements of the involved forces can be plotted, with the help of the bibliography (See the previous post)

Producing at last, the following game table map:

Woods and streams are rough terrain for cavalry and infantry and impassable for artillery except by roads and bridges, respectively. Each built-up area may contain one infantry unit

Next, the troops. Watch this space!

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