Friday, 3 October 2014

The combat of Thiessen (and V)

The situation is stabilized with a small Imperial advantage, although the Prussians hold a considerable force in reserve.

The Imperial left flank is secured by Thiessen and the forest in Italian hands
In the center, two Prussian battalions become isolated under the Imperial artillery and surrounded by hostile cavalry
The Imperial right flank is also anchored in Eupen and protected by a small stream from the Prussian Landwehr
However, the Prussians have reached the Morale level, but fail the subsequent Morale test! The Prussians had a small advantage, 9 vs. 6, in pursuing cavalry so the battle finishes with a French Marginal Victory. Both sides had similar casualties: 46 bases and 4 guns for the Prussians and 41 bases and 4 guns for the French. The Prussian 5th Brigade and the Wurttemberg 38th Divisions were severely mauled.
This result is similar to the real combat, where the Prussians retired from the battlefield without Imperial interference.

The next thing will be the combat of Dessau.
Watch this space!

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  1. A fitting end to a tight tussle. That photo of the surrounded Prussian infantry looked ominous!