Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The combat of Thiessen (IV)

The battle continues, with the Prussians consolidating their flanks

However, the southern side of Thiessen is retaken by the Italians that secure that flank for the Imperial forces.
In the other flank, the 2/1 Wurttemberg IR is broken by the combined Prussian attack of the 1/2nd Reserve IR and W. Prussia Uhlans ...
... forcing the Wurttemberg cavalry brigade to deploy in order to close the gap...
... but the East Prussian Uhlans rout and break the 3rd Wurttemberg Light Horse Regiment...
... while the 1/2nd Reserve is broken by the 1/1 Wurttemberg IR and the 2/8e Legere ...
The French artillery tries to halt the Prussian infantry, whereas the depleted and tired Prussian Uhlans fall back towards the Allied rearguard ...
... and the only remaining Wurttemberg line infantry battalion starts the counter-attack, supported by the full Blair's brigade

Both flanks in Imperial hands and the Wurttemberger-French infantry advancing in the right flank, the Prussian attack is losing impulse. With both sides near the exhaustion level, the victory will fall on the side with more available reserves.
Watch this space!

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  1. Are you headed for a hard-fought stalemate, do you think Rafa (not that you want to give anything away)?!

  2. Teh problema was that the Prussians failed their attack on Thiessen (the right flank village) and were too weak to take the right-flank village. Both sides are feeding tropos to take the central sector, so the battle has reived into an attrition affaire!

    1. Correction: Thiessen is the left-flank village! :-)