Sunday, 21 February 2016

Prelude to Dessau. A Song of Drums and Shakos Scenario

While the trap is closing behind him at Leipzig, Napoleon is trying to catch the elusive Bernadotte’s Army of the North in the banks of the Mulde River *. A small mixed squad sent by the Souham French IV Corps is scouting towards Polnitz and has found a small hamlet occupied by Prussian forces from the Dobschutz 4th Prussian Brigade.
The French party is commanded by the lieutenant Breton (10th Hussars) and includes sergeant Dupuis, 3 privates of the 10me Hussards as well as sergeant Lefevre and 6 privates (3/2me Légere IR). The Prussian rearguard patrol is commanded by lieutenant Mueller, sergeant Kroos and 6 privates of the 3/3th Reserve IR and includes also sergeant Ulianov and 6 men from the Karpov#2 Cossacks.
This is a Scenario for Song of Drums and Shakos from Ganesha Games
* This skirmish game was played in the context of the Dessau Lasalle Scenario


The stream is broken terrain, fordable for mounted men. Wooded areas are also broken terrain.

Engaged Forces
Prussian-Russians (3/3th Reserve IR and Karpov#2 Cossacks)
This is a Mixed Nationality Squad. 1light infantry mounted German Officer, 1 light infantry German NCO, 6 light infantry German privates, 1 Light cavalry Cossack NCO and 6 Cossacks. 15 men 582 points
French (10me. Hussards and 3/2me Légere IR)
1 light cavalry Officer, 1 light cavalry NCO, 3 light cavalry privates, 1 light infantry NCO and 6 light infantry privates. 12 men 596 points

Each nationality is commanded by their own leader, with the German light infantry officer acting as overall leader. Only the Cossack NCO talks German, so the orders given to private cossacks by the German lieutenant must follow the ‘Mixed Nationality Squads’ rule. Roll 1D4 for the number of Cossacks deployed and covering each of the West and South roads (re-roll if the sum is greater than 7). Roll 1D4 for the foot sentinels. The rest of the men are in the house (infantry) or the cabin log (Cossacks).
The cavalry officer is the overall leader. Mounted and foot men enters by a different road (roll to choose).

Victory conditions
Both sides have the same objective: to deny the enemy any information, so the winner will be the side remaining on the battlefield. No Morale checks are allowed.

I hope finish the game before Easter!!!!

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