Sunday, 14 February 2016

When the future reaches us

A certain melancholy pervades us unwittingly. Today, 14 February 2016 (Valentine) is the inception date of Pris Stratton (NEXUS-6 N6FAB21416)

This is not the only replicant to be made during 2016. Roy Batti (NEXUS-6 N6MAA10816) was incepted on 6 January.
As we await the filming of Blade Runner II, we can only say that it is 2016 and the cars do not fly!

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  1. But how long after inception was the film set?? :o) self driving cars are close.. Only a matter of time for flying one's..

  2. It's all a bit behind schedule, but still in process perhaps? ;)

    In the meantime, maybe head back into the past and post some more Napoleonics? ;)

  3. Great post Rafa. One of the best sci-fi films ever. Rightly up the with other ground-breaking films, like Metropolis.