Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Albuera for NB-4

Taken from the web site
Javi Gámez, the owner of the publishing rights and the soul behind the 4th Edition of Napoleon's Battles (NB-4) continues to add material to the Napoleon's Battles web site. The latest addition is Albuera, a scenario of the Peninsular War.
Albuera was a bloody battle fought in May 6th, 1811 by Beresford against Soult and, if the memory does not fail to me, it was included in one of the previous editions of Napoleon's Battles. Myself, I designed another version that is available in my web site (Battle of La Albuera)
According to Javi, the new scenario is no longer a military promenade for the French player, who now faces a serious dilemma because of his/her disadvantage in points, 367 vs. 442 of the Allies. For the design and the OOB's, Javi has used classical sources (Oman, Napier) as well as the more modern books written by Michael Oliver, Juan Jose Sañudo and Mark Thompson.

And the best thing: the new scenario is free and available to all NB fans in Albuera!

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