Sunday, 15 May 2016

Prelude to Dessau (II)

A cavalry melee is formed when the French hussars pursue the Cossacks towards the houses.

The French hussars catch the cossacks defending the houses
The two cossacks make recoil the lone hussar
Two more hussards join the melee knocking-down one cossack, but the remaining cossack finishes one hussar.
... whereas the other cossack stands up again while facing the French
The confused melee continues and a cossack is knocked-down from his horse...
...and, finally, both cossacks are dismounted...
... while the approaching French infantrymen fire into the mele, wounding one cossack
... although he buys the time necessary to allow the last cossack to mount and reject the hussars.
A lucky Fusilier shot woundes the French officer, forcing the retreat of the last hussar
The Allied have stopped the French attack

The first French attack has come to an end and the cavalry in both sides is now out of the fight. However, the French are still menacing the Allied position.

Watch this space!

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