Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Italian forces II. The painting

1) The basic color of Italian Line Infantry was the white. They wore a white long-tailed coat similar to the pre-1812 French habit, white breeches and black under-knees gaiters. The regimental distinctions were carried in collar, lapels, cuffs, turnbacks and piping. Voltigeurs and grenadiers had, respectively, green ad red epauletes whereas fusiliers had white shoulder straps.
The HISTUNIF.COM site describe the 1812 Reglament and had color plates with all the uniforms. Here I show only the corresponding to the units fighting in the Campaign of Leipzig

See the excelente conversion of HaT French Line 1808-1812 carried out for Adam Parson.

2) The uniform for Light Infantry had a green short-tailed habit, green trousers and black gaiters. Voltigeurs and carabiniers wore green and red epauletes respectively, and center companies wore green shoulder straps.

3) The Guard of Milan wore a sky-blue long-tailed habit similar to line infantry and red distinctions
4) The Foot Artillery wore a green uniform with green distinctives


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