Sunday, 11 November 2007

Another experiment: a Tabletop Teaser

After the refight of the battle of Hagelberg my next game will be a nostalgia exercise using again Divisional Napoleon's Battles. I'll refight the C.S. Grant's Teaser No.2: The wagon Train (see the previous post The Tabletop Teasers blues for details about the Tabletop Teasers Project).
The Scenario will be the
Siege of Danzig lasting from 1813/01/21 to 1814/01/02. In the words of C.S.Grant, the Scenario:
"... attempts to re-create some of the problems all too often found in campaign wargaming to one's intense discomfort: the essential re­-supplies, already long overdue and desperately needed to prevent a severe reverse, are being harried by increasing enemy forces on the lines of communication. Day after day they have pressed on against mounting opposition until the goal is in sight. But all is in the balance. In the end, all that remains is a race for safety, the escort blocking and stopping enemy attacks swooping in from every wood and hill while wagons overturn, blocking the road and causing increasing delays."
I have slightly increased the forces proposed in the Teaser. Their names have been collated from the Nafziger's book 'Napoleon at Leipzig. The Battle of Nations 1813' (The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1992) in the case of French Garrison and from Steven H. Smith's post in the
Napoleon-Series Forum . The Digby's data book (p.480) was used to complete the above data.

At last, the Supply column (Red force) is composed from French and German units of the Danzig garrison whereas the Blue force is formed by Russian/Prussian units from the besieging force:

Red (French) Forces
Supply Column GdD Grandjean
1. 1/2/13th Bavarian Line Infantry Regiment
2. 1/2/10th Polish Line Infantry Regiment
3. 4/8th, 4/16th French Line Infantry Regiments (7th Provisional Demi-brigade)
4. 9th Polish Chevau-Leger Lancier Regiment
5. 4/2nd, 4/5th, 4/12th, 4/13th Dragoon Regiments (1st Provisional Cavalry Regiment)
6. 4/2nd, 4/4th French Light Infantry Regiments (1st Provisional Demi-brigade)
7. 6 Wagons
8&9. 2 @ French 4 lbs. Horse Artillery
Garrison relieving force GdB Husson
4/24th, 4/45th, 4/59th French Line Infantry Regiments (8th Provisional Demi-brigade)
2@ French 6 lbs. Foot Artillery
Detachments of 3rd,7th Chasseurs a cheval, 7th, 8th Hussars(Provisional cavalry Regiment de marche)

Blue (Russian/Prussian) Forces GM Rakhmanov
1. 1/3 Azov Infantry Regiment, 1 @ Russian 6 lbs. Light Artillery
2. Iamburg Uhlan Regiment
3. Kazan Dragoon Regiment
4. 1/3 Nizov Infantry Regiment, 1 @ Russian 6 lbs. Light Artillery
5. 1/3 3rd Jaeger Regiment
6. 1/3 18th Jaeger Regiment
7. 4th Ost-Preussische Landwahr Kavallerie Regiment
8. 1/Briansk Infantry Regiment

9. Illowaisky IX Cossack Pulk
10. Grekov V Cossack Pulk

If additional units were necessary to balance the battle, there is a pool of Russian Jaeger Regiments (20th, 21st) and Cossack Pulks (Grekov XVII, Kariatonov VII, Chernozubov IV) to be used.

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