Friday, 2 November 2007

Hagelberg on the way

The refought of Hagelberg is now in progress. As it can be expected, I am finding more inconsistencies between original NB and my adaptation to divisional scale NBd. Fortunately, all can be solved by adapting the mechanisms of the original NB. The two questions are:
1) Skirmishers and enemy cavalry. This a dangerous situation for the infantry and will further reduce the fire effect of the skirmishers. The answer is to use the NB Fire modifier: "Infantry is not protected vs. attacking cavalry" in all ocassions when enemy cavalry is at reach distance of skirmishers.
2) Changes of formation. All formation changes spend one NBd turn. However, this basic duration will be increased if the formation changes were made by units with half-move allowances (two turns instead), or by units moving in rough terrain which must use their Rough Terrain Modifier. While changing formation, all units will be considered as "disordered" for fire and combat.

The battle is now in the 7th turn. Have a look at the first French (failed) attack: the 3rd/24th d'Infanterie Légère is routed by the 3rd/4th of Kurmark Landwher.

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