Sunday, 7 November 2010

Les Gardes d'Honneur

Image: First EmpireAfter his defeat in Russia and the loss of the cavalry arm, Napoleon decided to call upon the sons of the leading and wealthly classes from all over theEmpire. This was a military and a political necessity to ensure the loyalty of the families playing a part in the empire administration, and as consequence these units were nicknamed 'the hostages'.
Four regiments of Gardes d'Honneur (Guards of Honour) were raised by a decret of 3 April, 1813 to be recruit in all parts of the French Empire. They were uniformed in bright red and green 'hussar style' uniforms provided by themselves. Their perfomance was so poor that Napoleon decided that each Regiment would be attached to one Regiment of Guard Cavalry.
In this moment I don't own any adequate Hussar figure, so a little of surgery is necessary. I have used old REVELL Prussian Hussars (
Set 02575) with heads taken from HÄT French Light Infantry (Set 8042) with the plumed shako, using the same method used for other conversions (see Head swaping).
I only need four figures to be mounted in pairs, to make two bases representing the 1 and 2 squadrons of the 2nd Gardes d'Honneur Regiment attached to the Empress Dragoons and the 1 squadron of the 3rd Gardes d'Honneur Regiment attached to the Grenadiers a Cheval.

These two units will fight in Sellerhausen... I hope!

Napoleon's Guards of Honour: 1813-14. Ronald Pawly and Patrice Courcelle. Osprey MAA 378

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  1. Hi Rafa,

    I look forward to seeing your conversions. Should be a splendid looking little unit.