Monday, 28 March 2011

Some rules for Los Castillejos

As seen in previous posts, the combat of Castillejos is a one-side affaire biased against the Spanish becasue both factors, the quality and size of the involved forces were on the French side. The following are some modifications or home-rules, designed to give Ballesteros a chance to stand and achieve his objectives: to delay Gazan until the night, to cause the greater number of French casualties at the lowe cost and to escape towards Portugal.

All Spanish units are on the table. The duration of the game is 16 Turns. Bonus Turns are allowed rolling 2D10 instead 2D6. French are the first side. There are not geographical objectives.

The Tiradores de Barbastro
In the actual battle, Ballesteros placed some companies of tirailleurs as a first line. This role can be played by the Tiradores de Barbastro. Roll 1D6 and the result is the number of light companies placed in advance. On 4 or more, the entire unit is used as irregular.

Entrenched units All infantry units may begin entrenched, except the Tiradores de Barbastro, a light infantry unit.

Viva España!
Spanish units add +1 to their Unpredictable rolls if the roll is taken while the unit is entrenched or in a building
Home Field Advantage and the entry point of the reinforcements
The rule is in use but in a somewhat modified way. Ballesteros knows that French reinforcements are on way to outflank him but he don’t know neither the exact entry point nor the exact time of arrival. In the actual battle, Gazan sent Pepin with his first brigade and Remond with his column in a circuitous itinerary to fall on the Ballesteros’s left and right flanks, respectively. Therefore:
For the arrival turn, use 2D10 instead 2D6 (p. 91 of the ruleset)

For the Entry point

- 21me Leg Reg (3 bat.) A3

- 100me Ligne Reg (3 bat.) A5

- Remond column D4/D5 (60% / 40%)

They’ll be back or the Ballesteros goal
If the game ends in a draw, it is considered a Spanish marginal victory, but is almost impossible for Ballesteros to win this battle in a regular way. To give him a higher chance, the Ballesteros’s actual goals must be taken in account, using theis additional rule:
If Ballesteros fails his Army Moral, he does not lose automatically the game. Instead, calculate the actual Army Morale ratio, French/Spanish, using the remaining moral values for each army. Any result lower than 1,67 (the initial French/Spanish ratio) is considered a Marginal Spanish victory.

I hope these rules will give a balanced and funny game!

Edited April 11

Assault of defiles
Lasalle does not allow march columns to fight, so the assaults on defiles, such as bridges, fortified gates, field fortifications, etc. can not be played on the table in a convincing way. There was some friendly discussions in the Lasalle Forum regarding this topics . At last I have used the Scruf proposal:
1) A march column can assault a defile like a bridge, a fortified gate, a fort, etc. It represents not only true march columns, but also all those formations with a very reduced front.
2) It fights at 1/2 dice and with no previous shooting, adding a -2 for "bad terrain" as they will be fighting in cramped quarters.
3) The enemy can use the "cover" or "higher elevation" modifiers when applicable.
3) However the small front, the enemy never halves their dice


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