Sunday, 27 March 2011

Terrain for Los Castillejos

I have used the only contemporary map of Los Castillejos action (see previous post) as a template for the tabletop map.
The area depicted, shows the twin villages, the northern El Almendro and the southern Villanueva, as well as the most significant heigths around the villages and the road-net spreading from the villages. The north table edge is impassable (except by road) whereas the southern area is more open, although it contains a wooded area, where the Sapanish cavalry was initially hidden from the French view.
To shown the different size of the villages, the built-up area of El Almendro will be represented by two small buildings, whereas the larger Villanueva will have three large buildings and a church. The street maze, typical of the small Spanish villages, will be depicted by a grey area under the building models. The rest of urban features playing a significant role in the fight, the bridges over the small streams and the large stonewall enclosure between the villages, will be also shown. Whereas the accounts of the combat report the existence of many stonewall field enclosures similar to the existente between the villages, helping to the Spanish defense, only some of those will be used on the table for playability.

The next step will be the design of optional rules to add some spice to a very French-biased combat.

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