Friday, 1 April 2011

A great book about La Albuera

An old post (17th June, 2007) very adequate in these days, when the bicentenary of the battle of La Albuera is approaching

I have finished the book "The battle of Albuera -1811" , written by Michael Oliver and Richard Partridge (Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2007).

The authors use noy only the habitual british sources (Napier, Oman) but also the spanish accounts of the battle: Burriel, Schepeler, Blake.... so the result is a narrative not biased against the spanish, i.e. no more cowards, no more uniformed rabble, etc...
The role played by some spanish units (the Zaya's Division for example) is fully acknowledged and the faults of all participants (british, spanish, french) are described.
Summarising, a fresh aportation that I recommend to all those interested in the 'Guerra de la Independencia' or 'Peninsular War'


  1. That's one I've seen on Amazon and thought about buying (one day!), but never got around to it. I might try and recommend work to get it for the collection :-). I might try and persuade the chaps at the club that it'd be a good game to refight, too.

  2. Hi
    Really a very interesting and not British biased book!
    Highly recommendable
    Best regards