Monday, 4 April 2011

Actual terrain for Castillejos

After the design of the scenario, is the time to translate the map to the table. Although I draw the first map taking in account the actual terrain items and configuration of my table, there are always some modifications (finetuning?) to be made before the play begins. In the case of Castillejos, the existence of many small hills and stone-walled labour fields near the built-up area was a main concern, and led to some variations in the final terrain. In this same way I changed the walled enclosure between the two villages, by a cemetery, a piece of terrain I made almost three years ago. The above pictures have been shot after the terrain was finished.

I hope to start the battle soon!


  1. Looking good, Rafa. I'm waiting for a great battle!

  2. Looking forward to the battle as well Rafa,


  3. Again a French biased affaire... I am curious about the home-rules will work