Sunday, 3 July 2011

Some rules for 'le Bois de Paris'

This is the final version of the rules to run this small solo scenario

The basic duration of the game is
24 Turns (3 hours). Bonus Turns are allowed rolling 2D6 (p. 66 of the e-Lasalle book). The Prussians are the first side.

Prussian units and formations
The Prussian 15th Brigade is formed in
two columns. Each column has a single advance guard and one or two flank guards, in order to advance along the four possible roads (see the map).
order of march of the infantry, artillery, and cavalry within each column, cannot be changed until after the forces had actually entered the battlefield. Artillery can go only in the high road.
Generals Bulow, Losthin and Hiller will advance trough the
high road.
The units of the Prussian 15th Brigade will continue arriving in continuous column(s)
until the full brigade is on the table.

French units and formations
The French units covering the approaches to Plancenoit are random managed. The general sequence is:
(1) At the start of each French turn, roll
1D6 to see if a French force shows up on the board that turn. A result of 1 to 4 (Edited July 4, 2011) means that a French force appears.
(2) Roll
3D6-2 to determine the map point where this force appears (see final Note)
No French forces can be placed behind a Prussian force, i.e. a location that the Prussians have already "cleared". For example, if a Prussian column has passed through checkpoint 5 en route to checkpoint 6, then a French force cannot be placed at point 5. When
this anomaly occurs, the French force is placed at checkpoint 12 o13.
(3) Roll
1D6 for the composition of the French force, according to the following table.
1: 1 infantry battalion
2: 1 infantry battalion
3: 1 infantry battalion
4: 1 cavalry regiment
5: 1 cavalry regiment
6: 1 artillery battery same type that its support (see later)
There are the following
- French cavalry and artillery are not allowed in woods, so if the location is in the woods and the roll indicates cavalry or artillery, then roll again until you get an all-infantry result-
- If "1 artillery battery" result is rolled, roll 1D5 and go through the table to find the artillery support. (
All the die rolls can be made with "physical dice", with exception of this last, that must be made with EXCEL: I have don't found D5 dice!)
The French units are taken from the
19th division of the Lobau’s VI Corps or from the 3rd Light cavalry division.

If in the o
pen, the French force starts in attack column facing in the most advantageous way. It can use subsequent turns to put itself in the best offensive or defensive posture. If the French force appears in a wood, chose the best position to block a road. Often that means placing the unit along the front edge of the wood.

The wood is cleared
Prussians actions
After the Prussian forces
arrive to the edge of the woods and advance beyond A3-D3 line and the full 15th Brigade is on the table, the 16th brigade reinforcements can enter the tabletop at the A5/B5 (60/40) roads in march column formation, with infantry in front and the two batteries interspersed between the battalions.
French actios
In the
following French turn to the Prussian deployment beyond the wood, the rest of the French infantry/cavalry/artillery units not present in the table, will arrive deployed in attack column/waves/limbered formation at A1/B1/C1 (33.3 /33.3/33.3).
Only one French unit may arrive in each turn. The
actual arriving unit will be diced out amongst the non-arrived ones, with the divisions having at least one unit in the table having priority.

Victory conditions
The object of the game is for the Prussians to attack Plancenoit, therefore the game is immediately finished
when a Prussian battalion assaults the village with a Prussian decisive victory. Any other end-game situation is managed as per the standard Lasalle rules.

The next thing is to devise the
actual Prussian columns formation

Edited July 4, 2011
All the Scenario information has been uploaded to the main web site: Le Bois de Paris.


  1. Hi Rafa - an interesting scenario. I've played a similar one against my brother using the HPS Waterloo computer game. The Prussians won!


  2. Yes this is coming out to be a very interesting game. I am sure I will play it some time in the future.