Saturday, 16 July 2011

Le bois de Paris (I)

The Prussians are advancing carefully through the wood of Paris, in the three columns prescribed by Bulow (See the previous post).

However the alarm is fired: a French batallion has been discovered blocking the pass of the central column. The Landwehr cavalry squadrons immediately charge home to screen the deployment of the infantry, but they are repulsed and fall back in disorder.

The Prussian infantry is deploying to overcome the menace, but it is a Landwehr unit and its performance is unknown. Meanwhile, the Prussian main column continues its march in haste, to exit the wood.

Watch this space!


  1. I hope the Landwehr put up a good show! Looking forward to seeing this one fought out!

  2. I hope too!.... as well as a series of lucky die throws to find ambushed French