Sunday, 10 July 2011

'Le Bois de Paris'. Terrain and Prussian columns

Despite the scarce time I can devote to wargaming in the last weeks, I have built the terrain for 'Le Bois de Paris' on the table game. See below some pictures.

I have also decided about the composition of the Prussian columns. The 15th Brigade will be divided in four columns. The main body will use the A5 and B5 roads, whereas the C5 and D5 will be used by flanking forces. The entry points (see previous post to see the map) and respective compositions are:

A5. Right column destination the A3-B3 cross roads
Vanguard right column. Eicke (+1/-)
6th Hussar Regiment V/E/Pu
3/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2
3/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
Main body right column. Bulow (+1/*)
1/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2. Lobell (-1/-)
2/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2
6pdr Horse Battery #11 Horse/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
1/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1. Thile (-1/-)
2/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
6pdr Foot Battery #14 Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

B5. Centre column destination Pajeau. Losthin (+/*)
Vanguard centre column. Brauer (-/-)
3/4 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A
Main body centre column. Massov (-/*)
1/4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
2/4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1

C5. Left column (secondary road) destination Aywiers. Haslingen (-1 /-)
2nd NeuMark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A
3/4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1

D5. Extreme left column destination Aywiers. Falckenhauser (+1/*)
1/2 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A

The Prussian goal is to cross the wood with the minimum delay, deploying in force beyond the wood near the hamlet of Pajeau, and then to advance in strength towards Plancenoit. Therefore, the main effort will correspond to the A5 and B5 columns, whereas the left (C5) and extreme left (D5) columns will act as scouts and flank guards, protecting the main columns from French flanking attacks.
The A5 and B5 columns will detach some units to cover their flanks if necessary.
If Couture is clear of French forces, the C5 left column will turn towards Pajeau, while the D5 column will cross the Lasne stream maintaining its original destination.

Nach Plancenoit!


  1. Hi Rafa - I'll be cheering for the French on this one!


  2. Me too!... but the dice will have the last word.