Saturday, 6 August 2011

The issue No. 12 of ALKAID

The issue No. 12 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is out from July 30.

The magazine is one of the activities of ALKAID EDICIONES, an editorial effort devoted to the interaction amongst science, literature, poetry, history, environment, voyages, nature.... .You can always find in ALKAID an article focused on one of your interests!

The Issue No. 12 contains one article related with our hobby

'The battle of Albuera: a glorious nonsense"
written by this humble wargamer in his role of amateur historian. The article address the making-of and the development of the battle, using 'state of art' bibliography and not only the old, and now discredited, British-biased accounts.
(The battle of Albuera as been also covered, in several ways, in many old posts in this blog.)

In addition to the above one, there are articles about the Interantional Year of Chemsitry, the archeo-astronomical findings in Nemrug Dag, the new Malaspina's scientific periple around the world in commemoration of the bicentenial of this scientific voyage, the arts and the sciences in the muslim western lands, tourist proposals, mountain, poetry, short histories, etc.

The magazine is in Spanish and it is available by subscription (24€/year). Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site,, and download the Subscription Form or contact me in this e-mail address:

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