Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Kosen re-visited. The next battle?

The natural choice for the next wargame to 'Le Bois de Paris. A Prelude to Plancenoit' would be Plancenoit itself. However, the OOB is large for Lasalle... and small for Napoleon's Battles, so I am in trouble, and further research will be necessary to choose a stage of the battle adequate to the Lasalle scales in both men and terrain. I hope to make that research during the summer holidays (two weeks in the mountains from 15th August onwards) so the battle of Plancenoit could be ready for mid-fall.
Before of that, I want to come back to the Leipzig campaign. My personal Jomini, my Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc, has proposed the combats around Dresden in mid-October when the isolated French I and XIV Corps, commanded by Saint-Cyr, were besieged by the Russian Reserve (Polish) Army. However, there is a small problem: the lack of adequate figures to depict adequately the Russian forces, that were a colourful mix of Russian Militia, Baskhirs and Cossacks around a small core of regular Russians, and in addition the information I know is very scarce. So this battles would be also researched in the mountains (maybe I am too optimist)
However, I have recovered an old project, Kösen, based upon a Scenario from C.S. Grant’s ‘Crossing Point’ scenario of his book ‘Programmed Wargames Scenarios'. I played the Scenario in December 2007 using my Divisional Napoleon's Battles modification, and I enjoyed both the preparatives and the actual play, so it seems a good choice for Lasalle and will provide a comparison of the performances of both rule-sets.
Watch this space!

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