Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Opolchenie flags modified!

Dr. Stephen Summerfield, author of 'Brazen Cross of Courage' and many other books on Napoleonic uniformology (and incidentally professor of chemistry like me!) has suggested me in the Hat Forum a modification of the green hue of the flags. See the new aspect of the Penza and Ryazan flags.

I hope this time the green was less brilliant. Many thanks to Stephen!


  1. Lovely work, Rafa! Now if only I had an Opolchenie project... ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing your units proudly carrying these banners.

  2. Rosbif
    I have no time left to paint true Opolchenie units. The Opolchenie units will be surely Prussian landwehr or Russian infantry in disguise!

  3. Well, I have four units to do this Fall as part of our Borodino project, so I will find these most useful.

    Many thanks!

    Didn't realize you and Dr Summerfield were both professors of Chemistry! Hurrah! My undergrad degree was in Chemistry,and I still love it! I had everything arranged to pursue a PhD in Chemistry, but went to Medical School instead. Good teachers of Chemistry, both secondary and college level, are a true blessing!