Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dresden, October 17.

I was unsure about the next battle. Before the holidays break, there were two possibilities: a re-fight of Kosen and the combats around Dresden in mid-october, as suggested by my Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc. The main problem from this last one was the lack of adequate figures to depict the Russiam Opolchenie forces. However, a second lecture of the Nafziger's book 'Napoleon at Leipizg. The battle of the Nations 1813' and the information about Opolchenie uniforms and flags found in the Viskovatov's works (see here and here) has convinced to me to try the Dresden affaire.
The actual OOB's are accesible in the Nafziger book and site. They have been taylored to make two forces adequate for Lasalle.
Russian (Army Moral 50. Break point 17)
16 Battalions/5 Regiments/3 batteries
C-i-C Osterman-Tosltoy (+1/*)

Advance Guard Markov III (-1/¶)
1st Brigade Bulatov (+1/-)
1/Neutchlot IR R/E/SK1
2/Neutchlot IR R/E/SK1
2nd Brigade Sucharev (+1/-)
1/27 Jager R/E/SK2
2/27 Jager R/E/SK2
1/43 Jager R/E/SK2
2/43 Jager R/E/SK2

1st Opolchenie Corps Muromoc (+1/¶)
1/1st Nishegorod OR U/A/SK0
2/1st Nishegorod OR U/A/SK0
3/1st Nishegorod OR U/A/SK0

2nd Opolchenie Corps Titov (-1/-)
1/1st Pensa OR U/A/SK0
2/1st Pensa OR U/A/SK0
1/1st Riazan OR U/A/SK0
2/1st Riazan OR U/A/SK0

Position Battery #15 Foot/4 cannons/ Heavy/1How
Light Battery #64 Foot/4 cannons/Medium/1How
Horse Battery #22 Horse/3 cannons/Medium/2How

Cavalry von Bagration (+1/*)
Vlassov #2 S/I/Pu
Platov #5 S/I/Pu
Andreinov #3 S/I/Pu
Shamschev S/I/Pu
4th Ukrainian S/I/Pu

Austrian Reinforcements
Chasteler (-/-)
3/Kaiser IR R/E/SK1 +
3/Vogelsang IR R/E/SK1 +
1/Czartorisky IR R/E/SK1 +
French (Army Moral 39 ; Break point 13)
15 Battalions/3 Regiments/3 Batteries
C-i-C Saint-Cyr (+1/*)

1e Division Cassagne (+1/-)
1e Brigade Parioletti (+1/*)
1/7e Légère R/E/SK2
2/7e Légère R/E/SK2
2e Brigade Fezensac (+1/*)
1/12e Ligne R/A/SK1
1/17e Ligne R/A/SK1
3/36e Ligne R/A/SK1
8/2e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

43e Division Claparède (-/-)
1e Brigade Godard (-/*)
2/27e Légère R/E/SK2
3/27e Légère R/A/SK1
2e Brigade Butrand (-/*)
1/29e Légère R/A/SK1
2/103e Ligne R/A/SK1
3/103e Ligne R/A/SK1
4/103e Ligne R/A/SK1
3e Brigade Couture (+1/-)
2/100e Ligne R/E/SK2
3/100e Ligne R/A/SK1
4/100e Ligne R/A/SK1
3/94e Ligne R/A/SK1
2/7e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

10e Light Cavalry Division Gérard (+1/-)
2e Italian Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu
7e Chevaulégers-lanciers V/E/Pu/La
14e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
5/2e Horse Artillery Horse 2Guns/M/1Hw


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  2. Not sure if I would trust any of Nafziger's OOB's, or for that matter his battle discriptions.
    I have just completed a detailed account of the battle of Kulm (29 -30 August 1813) after a vist to the site in the Czech Republic. Nafziger's book, Napoleon at Dresden, although giving some good details is, in the main, a waste of time. His troops dispositions are all over the place, his chronology is as clear as mud, and his writing skills in need of some attention!

  3. I agrre with you about the writing skills of Mr. Nafziger (being no speaking-english, I found his narrtive somewaht difficult, ut their OOB's seem to be another thing! They come from official records in many occasions (French for example) so they are a good reource for wargaming. I am not historian, so the detail level is sufficient to me.