Sunday, 11 December 2011

Altenburg (III). The first cavalry clashes

The first serious hand-to-hand cavalry combats are in progress
The Young Guard Chevaux-Legers Lanciers reject the veteran Silesian Hussars in an indecisive encounter forcing them to fall-back.

However, the Prussian Neumarkt Dragoons break the Quinette's Combined Dragoons Regiment.

And after the first combat, the victorious Prussians fall over the Young Guard Chasseur a Cheval Regiment, also routing them!

But the other French 'heavy cavalry' at Altenburg, the Combined Dragoon-Cuirassier Regiment, has rejected the Austrian Kienmayer Hussars #8 Regiment.

The stakes are high!

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  1. Lots of horseflesh crashing into each other so far! Looking forward to more!