Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wethau (II)

Facing a double menace, Liechtenstein, the Austrian C-i-C, takes a risky option using all his cavalry to break the French line.
The Kaiser#1 Chevauxlegers Regiment, facing the flanking fire of the French artillery, takes the 27e Chasseurs a Cheval Regiment in flank breaking them, while their comrades of the Vincent#4 Chevauxlegers carry out a similar maneoeuvre against the 14e Chasseurs a Cheval Regiment.

The Austrian pressure is breaking the French centre and manwhile, near the Mertendorff ford, the Er. Ferdinand #3 Hussars and the Klenau#5 Chevauxlegers Regiments make a combined attack that will break the French 3e Hussar Regiment. However the 'Spanish' Quenet's Dragoons (1st Brigade/5th Heavy Cavalry Division) are running fast to close the gap in the centre of the French line.

After routing the French Hussars, the Klenau#5 Chevauxlegers charge the French Foot battery, while the French infantry forms square and the rest of the French 'heavy' cavalry reinforcements, are arriving in the rearguard.

Meanwhile, a lucky French volley has blown up the Austrian battery near the cemetery. This is a very funny Lasalle feature!

The French try to take advantage of the Austrian right flank weakness, but they have only a lone unit, the 3/10e Légère Regiment, that is advancing fast between the cemetery and the woods. However, Liechtenstein has sent the 1/Brooder Grenz IR and 7th Jaegers to stop the menace.

Wethau is becoming another cavalry battle!

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  1. Following this game with interest, trying to build up my own cavalry.


  2. Looking good, Rafa!

    Waiting impatiently to see what happens next!