Thursday, 14 August 2014

The combat of Pitschenberg (III)

The combat of Pitschenberg continues, and the French forces prepare to assault the Allied line on the Pitschenberg hill

The French forces are approaching towards the Allied defensive line
The Leib Grenadier battalion rejects the 4/2 Legere Italian IR
The 3/6e Légère Regiment is repelled by the 2/14th Silesian Landwehr Regiment deployed in line
The 7/6th Légêre is also routed by the Prussian 1/14th Silesian Landweh Regiment
In the right Allied flank, the 10th Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment routs the Neapolitan Chasseurs á Chèval....
.... whereas the Russian Alexandria Huassars make the same thing with the Italian Chasseurs a Chèval Regiment
The Leib Grenadier battalion breaks the 4/2e Légêre Italian Regiment...
... and the Fusiliers/12th Reserve IR also breaks the 1/112e Ligne Régiment

The Allies have routed the first French assault!
However, the battle continues. Watch this space...

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  1. Looks like a bad day for the French!

  2. A stoic Allied defence! There's still a lot left in this game isn't there?